Tired of ordinary?  Join a hot startup solving problems for the most innovative clients in the land.  If you’re extraordinary, we might be your next professional home.

Digital transformation is our jam.  Our clients have numerous business processes that require manual effort – boring work for humans that is prone to error.  Keesal Propulsion Labs is committed to bringing automation to this problem.

Our clients are the legal departments of Fortune 500 companies that are on the cutting edge of automation.  Our Business Analysts are the bridge between the possibilities posed by technology and the strategic needs of clients.  They analyze processes and work streams that can be improved through automation and design and build automated solutions. 

As a group, we’re friends, colleagues and partners in building a cool tech company. We’ve been around less than 3 years but are growing rapidly and looking for a tech savvy Business Analyst that thinks logically, is a problem solver and wants to be part of not only creating innovative solutions, but also building a company.

Desired Skills

·       Ability to work and play well with others – colleagues, clients, partners

·       Ability to identify and analyze business processes through client interviews and observation

·       Ability to think logically, understand how steps in a process fit together and create workflow diagrams

·       Experience in or working with corporate legal departments

·       Technical savvy – ability to use common productivity tools (Smartsheets, Airtable, CSS) and willingness to build solutions on no-code and low code platforms

·       Ability to manage a project

·       Strong communication and presentation skills

·       Passionate about being part of a growing startup

·       Optimism, confidence and ambition (mindset is a skill)

·       Knowledge of workflow automation software a plus


·       Analyzing existing business processes and identify improvements

·       Translating Requirements: Understanding current state of a process and translate into a technical solution

·       Understanding the best way for a user to interact with software to get the best user experience (i.e., understanding user needs)

·       Make best practice recommendations and engage in real-time problem solving

·       Creating process maps and automated workflows reflecting business processes

·       Working on a multi-disciplinary team including engineers, developers and designers

·       Project ownership – making sure the project is meeting the client’s objectives and making sure the project stays on time and on budget.

·       Delivering reports and presentations to clients

What We Offer

·      Early-stage opportunity at a high growth tech company in a hot space, but with considerable career stability due to our strong financial condition

·      Great salary, profit sharing, benefits.  We are a team of stars and pay accordingly

·      Cool colleagues and clients.  We don’t work with people that we don’t enjoy and have built a culture of trust, support and humor

·      A great lifestyle – unlimited PTO and vacation time, great social connection, ability to live anywhere in a US time zone


About Keesal Propulsion Labs

We're a fast growing startup composed of an international team of friends, problem solvers and innovators.  We're building the ground floor of an important company together.

We've already won just about every tech and innovation award that applies to us and we have attracted some of the smartest minds in the space.  Those that see what is not possible need not apply.  Those looking to make an impact, feel like part of a strong team and who want a great professional life, really need to apply.

KP Labs was hatched at California Law Firm Keesal Young & Logan, spun out as a stand alone tech company in 2018.  Our clients include dozens of Fortune 500 legal departments.  We're committed to making our clients the best versions of themselves through process reinvention and automation.