We are recruiting for a Legal Department & Law Firm Integration Strategist.  If you enjoy designing, launching, and managing creative and innovative ways to connect and integrate law firms and legal departments to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion, please apply. Send your resume to info@diversitylab.com

About Diversity Lab
Diversity Lab is an incubator for innovative ideas and solutions that boost diversity and inclusion in law. We create and pilot experimental ideas in collaboration with more than 200 top law firms and legal departments across the country. Diversity Lab leverages data, behavioral science, design thinking, and technology to further develop and test new ideas and research, measure the results, and share the lessons learned.
Our inaugural project – the OnRamp Fellowship – is now the largest re-entry program for lawyers who are returning to the profession after an extended career hiatus. To date, we have placed more than 90 women lawyers, one-third of whom are racially and ethnically diverse, with top law firms and legal departments across the country.

To inspire others to develop and experiment with innovative initiatives such as the Fellowship, we launched the Women in Law Hackathon in 2016, and the Diversity in Law Hackathon series in 2018. These first-of-their-kind “Shark Tank” style pitch competitions brought together 200 high-level law firm partners, legal department leaders, talent experts, and law students in small teams working together to generate ideas to increase diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.  

The Mansfield Rule is an idea that was generated by one of the Women in Law Hackathon teams and further developed by Diversity Lab. Starting with the first iteration of the pilot that included more than 40 law firms through now with nearly 120 firms, Diversity Lab has measured and reported significant progress in the Certified firms’ pipelines to leadership. As a result of its success, there is now a version for midsize firms and for legal departments and we are launching a UK version this summer.

In 2020, Diversity Lab launched the Move the Needle Fund (MTN), the first-ever collaborative effort among 30 legal departments, four law firms, and a dozen community leaders designed to test and measure research-backed “bias interrupters.” The MTN bias interrupters are science-driven tweaks to talent and business systems – such as hiring, feedback, work assignments, and pay processes – that interrupt and minimize unconscious biases in the workplace to provide fair and equal access to skill-building and career-enhancing opportunities for lawyers of all backgrounds. This role will support MTN and other projects as needed. 

More About This Role & Main Responsibilities
Diversity Lab – through its MTN Fund partners, bias interrupters, and other legal department and law firm programming – is focused on bringing law firms and legal departments together to solve the legal industry’s dearth of progress on the D&I front. Specifically, this role will help with that mission by:

-Liaising with legal department leaders to implement MTN Bias Interrupters and Collectives within their legal department, including the Diversity Dividends Collective.

-Developing a communication plan for Diversity Lab to effectively communicate with its more than 200 legal departments on a consistent basis.

-Supporting the Mansfield Rule: Legal Department Edition, as needed, by helping to lead one-on-one check-ins with legal department participants, monthly Knowledge Sharing calls, and overview and information sessions for interested legal departments.

-Experimenting with research-based ways to source and hire a more diverse pool of experienced lawyers for law firms and legal departments, including minimizing unconscious bias in the selection process through training lawyers on Structured Behavioral and Panel Interviews (SBI) and other assessment tools. 

-Measuring the results of the experiments and non-traditional sourcing methods to evaluate the outcomes and impact with assistance from Diversity Lab’s data scientists.

-Collaborating with the entire Diversity Lab team on other projects as needed. As a 7-year young start-up with a collaborative and inclusive work culture, we encourage all team members to pitch in to help with key projects as time permits, without regard to job description, tenure, or title. We also urge our team members to take initiative to contribute to projects based on their strengths, skills, and interests.

The Skills Needed to Be Effective in This Role
No one is perfect, so we don’t expect one human to embody all of these skills.  But if you have some of these key skills and are willing to learn, we encourage you to apply.

-Legal department experience is required, with at least 6+ years combined law firm and/or legal department experience with an in-depth understanding of the relationship between law firms and legal departments.

-Understanding of law firm and legal department talent systems, including hiring, development, promotions, performance reviews, and compensation.

-Ability to develop and lead engaging knowledge sharing and training sessions and facilitate effective check-ins with high-level partners and in-house corporate leaders who have limited time and attention.

-High EQ; ability to interact effectively with team members and external partners; self- awareness and sensitivity to communications and team relationships.

-Excellent client relationship skills, including responsiveness and a willingness to help solve problems in a friendly, diplomatic, and efficient manner.

-Ability to meet deadlines and multi-task in a fast-paced environment.

-Embody a “learning mindset” with an interest in continuing to learn and grow professionally.

-Proactive and positive work style; ability to stay composed and focused under pressure and hard deadlines.

-Strong written and verbal communications skills; ability to think and speak quickly on demand.

-Self-motivated; able to take initiative with minimal assistance or supervision and manage time efficiently.

-Curiosity and interest in learning about relevant topics and sharing knowledge with teammates.

-Willingness to listen to and learn from feedback and offer feedback effectively to others as appropriate.

-Comfort with learning and using many forms of technology; proficiency with Google Docs/Microsoft Word, Excel/Google Sheets, Zoom and other virtual meeting platforms, and PowerPoint/Google Slides required.

-Bachelor’s degree required; JD is a bonus.

Location Details
 – Job format is full-time remote work; reliable internet and telephone access are required. You will be asked to travel within the U.S., likely 6-7 times per year, in 2022 and beyond.

 – Job can be performed from anywhere within the contiguous United States; the following locations, where we have other teammates, are preferred: Greater Boston; New York City or nearby; San Francisco Bay Area; Denver; and Miami. While these locations are preferred, applicants from other locations will be considered fully.
Diversity Lab offers healthcare and 401(k) plans, with a 4% match for 401(k) contributions.